Position: Accounting Technician
Email: amanda@cmdaccountants.com
Phone: 613 544 6544

About Amanda

I originally started out in my career in customer service with managing retail stores where I was hired to travel from store to store to come up with ways to increase sales in different districts.  I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what drove sales in different areas all while creating bonds with my employees and customers. Bookkeeping was never what I thought I would end up doing and I kind of fell into it when I was provided an opportunity to work for a company that wanted help with sales but also needed bookkeeping assistance. Turns out, not only was it something I thoroughly enjoyed but was actually really good at and my focus turned towards the accounting industry.  The thrill of completing a file to perfection combined with being able to alleviate a client’s stress by helping them understand the ins and outs of their business has been a goal I continually strive for.  With 20 years experience in the industry, I hope to continue assisting clients with their bookkeeping needs for the next 20 years or more.